Need some assistance this holiday season?

We are very pleased to advise that the Christmas Cheer Program will be providing gift cards in place of food hampers. We are confident that this will help families and individuals to purchase the food items that will be most beneficial to their family.

We will continue to provide gift cards in place of toys or gifts as well. This will allow parents and caregiver's to purchase a gift that is better suited to the child's wishes or needs.  

Who is Eligible:   

The Christmas Cheer Program supports people who need help at Christmas. It's for people who work but don't make enough money to cover the extras at Christmas. It's for people receiving financial assistance or no assistance at all. Christmas Cheer helps single parents, married parents, families and single people too. 

How to Apply:  

You must complete the Application form to be considered for assistance. It would be helpful to have the information you need to report such as income and expenses before you begin the application process. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Download the Application form below.